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Betta Vases
What is it?  It is the perfect ecological system.
Betta Fish, otherwise known as Siamese Fighting Fish, are one of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen.
The betta vase allows you to combine the beauty of this fish with a live plant in a vase suitable for displaying proudly on a mantle or as a centerpiece.

No doubt you have seen the cheap version of this product sold in such places as W*lmart.  We use only the finest quality of vase and offer more than the basic style.  We then combine this vase with a peace lily or a diffenbachia, glass rocks, a figurine, even a vase inside of a vase.

These are mostly available locally, but can be shipped in a do-it-yourself type of kit.  We will provide all materials and a do-it-yourself manual.
Although your fish will eat from the root system of the plant. You should also supplement his diet with commercially prepared food. The plant does not need to be fertilized, the use of plant food will likely kill your fish.